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Patriotic Pallet Party

Hosted a party last week to use reclaimed pallets and turn them into American flags! As with all my craft parties - especially when it's something new - I learn a lot. With this one, I realize how difficult it is to manage such large pallets. I was using ones that we have in our warehouse, so roughly 4.5' tall in size which makes them unwieldy to move and store (especially for a group of 10). They turned out pretty cute in the end, especially when you sand them a bit like Jackie is in this GIF file, give them a nice, rustic patina. All I know is next time I need to get a start stamp: every time I host a craft/art party I underestimate how keyed in on details people can be. Always reminds me of the "How many trees?" question that stumped me at my first art party, but that's probably a story for another post...


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